Millesime 2019
Climate change confirmed with two seasons: autumn and summer

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The campaign began with a mild autumn. The winter is in the same vein, with little rainfall and at the end of February there is already a deficit of 90mm of rainfall over barely two months. The period is very sunny. From April onwards the tension rises with a cooler sequence, with frosts occurring between 5 and 14 April. The low level of humidity and a light wind saved the day and the damage was minimal. The situation was almost identical on 14 May, perhaps for the last time the coast was on fire in an attempt to protect the newly opened buds. On 15 May, the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was consumed by flames…

By 11 June we were close to the mid-point of flowering, and the 100 days meant that the harvest was expected to take place around 10 September. The weather conditions were more humid, with a few showers and 25mm of rain in warm temperatures affecting the flowering. The ‘quantitative’ potential is already affected. A first period of heatwave at the end of June and beginning of July gave a lightning acceleration to the growth, in spite of some showers the air was hot and dry, the foliage suffered in some places. The second week of August brought some welcome rain, but its effects were short-lived. Temperatures were still very high at the end of August and beginning of September. The first wilted grapes were seen around 5 September. The harvest began on 13 September after a month without significant rain. The grapes were ripe and healthy, the loose bunches (few berries) did not weigh much.

In the vinification process, fermentation started quickly and the choice of 100% whole grapes for all the vintages was made. It’s the year or never! The vatting period does not exceed 12-13 days. The pressings are flexible. The first tastings after treading reveal wines with very silky tannins, full, smooth mouthfeel, aromatic purity and a certain tension. The maturing process is continuing in this direction and, unusual for the estate, more than 80% of the wines will be bottled before Christmas 2020. Waiting perhaps but for what gain…. An eternal question! The future will prove us right… Or not!