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Autumn 2021, which marked the start of the gestation period of the 2022 vintage, was rather mild, with little rainfall, which seems to have been the norm in recent years. Pruning and trimming were delayed as long as possible to limit frost damage. Morning frosts were not uncommon in January and February, but temperatures remained below zero all day on only a few days.

Around 15 April, the buds burst. The risk of frost disappeared rapidly. Spring rainfall was modest and temperatures started to rise, sometimes giving the impression of summer. Growth was very active in May. It was also a windy year. From 18 May to 1 June, the flowers began to appear in large numbers, promising a generous harvest.

At the end of the first half of June we had our first heat-wave, which was early! But from 18 to 30 June, it was a different story : 110mm in Vosne, and a significant fall in temperatures. In Gevrey, some cellars were flooded and roads were covered with ground. We learned 2 months later that this wet spell had saved the harvest. Nevertheless, mildew set in, but the two summer months that followed got the better of it. The berries grew with the help of the rainy spell in June. July was particularly dry, with just 10mm of rain, and the first two weeks of August were worryingly scorching. Late-season oidium was generally contained. 20 millimetres of rain ended the month. The heat and water stress left their mark, with wilted berries, scorch marks and the base of the leaves showing that not only the young plants but also the vines on very clayey or superficial soils were thirsty!

On 29 August, we began harvesting. After sorting, the harvest was very attractive, with quantities close to those of 2017. The health of the grapes was very satisfying. The degrees are between 12 and 13, so no excess! Vinification, 100% whole bunch and no sulphur, started quickly without cooling the harvest. The malolactic fermentation was completed in early October. In the end, it was a rather fresh, energetic and well-balanced vintage that slowly emerged… Not exactly in keeping with the generally hot and dry season… Nature still has its resources!