Millesime 2013
Low volumes, purity, inhibition, concentration: a beautiful vintage!

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2013 will rest in everyone’s memories due to a winter and spring that were truly one long wet and cold season. In other words, no real winter and no spring. The accumulation of water during this long period was quite impressive, and the phases of the vine from budbreak to after flowering were rather disrupted, resulting in low yields as the main consequence. The summer was beautiful and warm, which allowed the grapes to reach a sufficient maturity in the end. September had clement weather, though it was still fairly wet. Harvest occurred from October 3 to 11 during difficult weather conditions; sorting was extreme due to the frequent appearance of botrytis and permanent water on the grapes.
The grapes harvested and put in tank were very pretty in the end, a lot of millerandage (well-aerated clusters with little grapes). Fermentations went well and the sugar levels were acceptable, with good acidity. The amount of juice after pressing was average but in the context of the vintage, this helped to ensure a beautiful concentration.

After malolactic fermentations finished in April, the wines continued to refine
A lot of depth and purity can be found in this wine, supported by a beautiful
structure. The wines are a little more introverted than the vintage before. There
is no rush to open 2013s