Millesime 2010
2010 has been stamped with the seal of the truly great vintages.

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Climatically, nothing very exceptional occurred, though generally the weather was great and we had rain at the right moments, which is in itself one of the keys to the quality of the vintage. No noteworthy imbalance in terms of weather conditions. That being said, 2010 marked the beginning of a new era of small crops (30% less than in 2009, 10% less than in 2008). These small, limited yields were also a key to the wines’ quality. A classic harvest began on September 24th.

This vintage is a model of balance between all the aspects: tannins, acidity, alcohol, structure, in short everything is there and in harmonious proportions. Tastings at other domaines demonstrated to what point the vintage has superseded each vigneron’s style; the 2010s rate from good to excellent everywhere, the kind of vintage where you can succeed without trying.
It’s the favorite vintage for a number of enlightened amateur wine-lovers. Structured, precise, generous, complex… In 2010, each terroir expresses itself clearly and distinctly.