Millesime 2006
A ‘Classic’ of Burgundian Pinot Noir

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A year that began quite cool and humid, the truly beautiful days began in the beginning of  June. The vegetative cycle is fairly classic- flowering occurred around the 21st of June and stretched for about 10 days with great weather conditions. The risk of mildew was everpresent.
The month of July was very summery, rather hot and humid at the end, as veraison began. On the 27th the weather shifted dramatically to a thunderstorm with hail above
Chambolle-Musigny and Gevrey-Chambertin, though the damage was fairly minimal in the end.
The month of August was chaotic, with lots of rain and temperatures that were generally below the norms for the time of year. As temperatures rose after the rain, the areas already affected by botrytis began to flare up: during the sunny weather of the first three weeks of September. The grapes continued to ripen, finally reaching desired maturity on September 20th.
Harvest took place from September 21th- 26th with weather that vacillated between a light drizzle/ misty rain and beautiful sunshine.
The wines started vinification rather nicely, with a certain simplicity, even serenity!
Extraction was very moderate; enhanced as the temperature and the alcohol levels rose in the tanks. Everything was classic in this vintage. Elegance, finesse… wines that are restrained and without excess. Each of the terroirs expresses its own classic personality.