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The appellation Bougogne Passetoutgrain is an appellation that has but one flaw: its name. A lot of French speakers take this title, which translates loosely to ‘all grapes allowed,’ at face value, which is both a pity and simply incorrect.

No, this Bourgogne cuvée is not a blend of the leftovers, the lesser grapes from all the other cuvées. It is actually from parcels that have been co-planted with Pinot Noir and Gamay. For Domaine Gerard Mugneret, the proportion is 50% of each. The harvest of these two varieties is synchronized so that the two varieties share a tank during vinification.

The Bourgogne Passetoutgrain is a wine that brings together the freshness of Pinot Noir and the ‘gourmandise’ of Gamay. This appellation has character and charm, and in great years can show an excellent aging potential.

We farm 0.9316 hectares (2.302 acres) spread across 5 parcels in order to make our Bourgogne Passetoutgrain :

  • Rouges champs (0.1612 ha). Fairly deep soils
  • Pièce des Paquiers (0.19 ha)
  • Blignée (0.242 ha)
  • Glapigny (0.1757 ha)
  • Les Genevrays (0.1627 ha). Supple, well-filtering soil. Quickset hedge nearby. Biodiverse site.