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Vosne on finesse and elegance with beautiful tension, aromatic air.


Should be a little more on the reserve the first years after bottling. 70% whole harvest, barely 30% new casks.

We farm 0.7920 ha on plots in the centre of Vosne Romanée:

  • Dovecote (4 plots) (0.3121 ha)
  • Pre Madness (0.3682 ha)
  • Municipalities (0.1117 ha)


Plot History

Total area = 94ha 72a

* “In the Communes”: the two plots that bear this name in Vosne Romanée, witness a custom that disappeared with the Ancien Régime. “Commune” or “Terres de communes” means in Burgundy communal lands cleared from time to time that oppose the so-called “own” lands, those that belong to individuals and have a regular crop rotation. These communal lands belonged in principle to the first occupant.

* “Le pré de la Folie”: this is the name of two plots in Vosne Romanée on the edge of the Nationale. it was an old meadow where it could have been built in the 17th or 18th century, a pleasure house or with a strange look”. Madness is derived from the adjective of the ancient French Fol, a variant of madness (bag or balloon inflated with air, forge bellows) which took on the meaning of madness by metamorphosis. It is possible that Madness, in the name of this said place, is an interpretation of an ancient “madmen’s meadow”. The word of the ancient Frenchman Fou long ago designated the beech. it was a place where many trees grew as evidenced by the n names of the places called neighboring: elms, willows.

* “La Colombiere”: On this plot in Vosne Romanée, there was a dovecote. Nowadays, we talk about dovecote. In the Middle Ages, dovecotes were buildings, usually in the form of towers, which were used to house pigeons for consumption. It was a seigneurial privilege, undoubtedly that of the monks of Saint Vivant, owners of a Meix and large and beautiful vineyards in Vosne Romanée.

Vosne Romanée file

Vosne Romanee File – Name

Emergence of terroirs and personalities

Separation of the «Vosne Romanée».

Until 2016 we produced only one Vosne Romanée village resulting from the unification of the different places we operate in the appellation, 1/3 located in the North, a 1/3 in the center and 1/3 in the south of the village. I have long defended the idea of a geographical representation of our Vosne Romanée. However, the follow-up in winemaking and breeding of the different ‘zones’ over almost 10 years has revealed quite different personalities. The fragmentation of our plots makes it difficult to vinify at the plot (9 places said different and sometimes plots straddling on 2 places said). The idea of individualizing certain cuvées has germinated. Initially it was about doing North/Central/South and then looking closer it wasn’t so wise and interest could be limited. In order to create 3 cuvées of Vosne Romanée I decided to proceed in 2 stages on 2017 and 2018. In 2017 the choice was made on an extended parcel «Pre-Columbia» grouping the plots in the heart of the village Pré de la Folie, La Colombière and Aux Communes The other plots of Vosne Romanée are assembled in a cuvée Vosne Romanée simply. In 2018 «Precolombière», «Aux Vigneux» and a cuvée «Quatrain» which includes 4 terroirs (2 from the North and 2 from the South) were born. These three cuvées come in barrels and you can discover them during your visit in 2019. Until the 2016 vintage, in fact, our only cuvée of Vosne Romanée was the result of the assembly of 5 lots at the time of unification 1 to 2 months before bottling. The harmonization of 5 batches that were reared separately for 14 to 16 months was always complicated. From the 2018 vintage this problem no longer exists.