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A rather airy Nuits, with the substance of a Nuits and a more Vosnian elegance, a beautiful tension.

Just over 60% whole bunch, 40% new barrels.

  • East-west facing plot just below the Richemone


History of parcels

Total area = 2ha 99a 93ca
On the slope of Nuits St Georges, where there is no shortage of stone, this climate has a pebbly soil.
” Cras ” comes from a word which is perhaps Gallic ” Racos “, rocky hill, stony hillside, scree “. A common word in the Burgundy vineyards to designate stony hillsides and scree slopes, formed of limestone pebbles and cobbles from the freezing and thawing of the last ice age, 20,000 years ago.

Fiche Nuits St Georges – Cras

Fiche Nuits St Georges – Appellation

Emergence of terroir and personality

End of Nuits Saint Georges Les Boudots 1st Cru, birth at the domain of Nuits Saint Georges “Aux Cras” 1st Cru and Nuits Saint Georges “La Richemone” 1st Cru. As I had already explained to some people and as it was mentioned on our website, the grapes from these 2 parcels were vinified and claimed as Boudots 1er Cru as the 1936 decrees allowed us to do. This practice was justified by the fact that we owned 17 ares in Richemone and 27 ares in Cras, the two parcels touching at the corner. The appellations’ specifications have replaced these decrees and the authorisation was no longer explicit. In order to remain coherent, it was essential to put each of these two first growths in its place.