Du Blanc dans les Rouges

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This cuvee benefits from the same philosophical and ethical approach that we apply to our ‘red’ cuvees.
It contains very little sulphites.

This ‘original’ wine combines roundness and energy as well as the aromatic nuances of its constituent grape varieties.

The domaine has always grown a few acres of white grapes for its own consumption, but for the past few years I have had the desire to approach this cuvée differently and share it.

Three interesting elements characterise this original cuvée with limited quantities (between 500 and 600 bottles depending on the vintage):

    • Location of the plot : on Vosne Romanée surrounded by red grape varieties (Gamay and Pinot) giving it the name ‘Du Blanc dans les Rouges’.
    • Its grape variety(Chardonnay, Aligoté, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Beurrot, in unknown proportions) which does not meet the specifications of the Burgundy appellation, hence its classification as a vin de France.
    • The age of the vine : 70 ans.

Suggestion: serve around 13° as an aperitif.