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This cuvée is also the result of observations made during the vinification process over the past ten years.

This is a direct Vosne Romanée, with depth with floral, fruity and spicy notes.

(Strict Parcel)

This lieu-dit, at the heart of which we have two parcels planted in the mid-1930s, produces wines with beautiful tannin/acidity/density balances. Harvests here are naturally millerandage and yields very reasonable (around 35hl/ha).

    • Vigneux (2 parcels) (0.3201 ha) – North Village

Parcel facing east/west, slightly sloping is in the extension of the combe des “Brûlées”.

Its soil is composed of silty clay is flexible.



History of parcels


* “Aux Vigneux” : This is the name of two parcels that are spread out on the slope of Vosne Romanée, next to and below Basses-Maizières. “Vigneux” is the transcription of the word of the old French Vigneul, Vigneu (Vine, Vineyard) which was taken for a plural.

Fiche Vosne Romanée
Fiche Vosne Romanee – Appellation


Emergence of terroirs and personalities

Separation of “Vosne Romanée”.

Up to 2016, we only produced one Vosne Romanée village resulting from the unification of the different lieux dits that we exploit in the appellation, 1/3 located in the North, 1/3 in the centre and 1/3 in the South of the village. I have long defended the idea of a geographical representation of our Vosne Romanée. However, monitoring the vinification and maturation of the different ‘zones’ over almost 10 years has revealed very different personalities. The parcels of land are so fragmented that it is difficult to vinify them individually (9 different ‘lieux dits’ and sometimes parcels straddling 2 ‘lieux-dits’). The idea of individualising certain cuvées was born. Initially, the idea was to make North/Central/South cuvées, but on closer examination this was not so judicious and the interest could be limited. In order to create 3 cuvées of Vosne Romanée I decided to proceed in 2 steps in 2017 and 2018. In 2017 the choice was made for an enlarged parcel “Précolombière” grouping together the parcels in the heart of the village Pré de la Folie, La Colombière and Aux Communes. The other parcels of Vosne Romanée are blended in a cuvée Vosne Romanée tout simplement. In 2018, “Précolombière”, “Aux Vigneux” and a “Quatrain” cuvée which groups together 4 terroirs (2 from the North and 2 from the South) were created. Importantly, these three cuvées are available in casks and you will be able to discover them during your visit in 2019. Until the 2016 vintage, in fact, our unique Vosne Romanée cuvée was the result of the blending of 5 batches at the time of the unification 1 to 2 months before bottling. Harmonising 5 batches that had been aged separately for 14 to 16 months was always complicated. As of the 2018 vintage, this problem no longer exists.