Millesime 2009
Very popular vintage from the beginning.

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In the business we talk about a ‘quanti/quali’ vintage, meaning a beautiful year with good yields, a year when everyone is happy. In the spring and beginning of summer we were provided with the ideal kinds and amounts of precipitations. Though some inconsequential Tstormy episodes sparked worry, the clement temperatures promoted the unfolding of an untroubled, uninterrupted vegetative cycle. A hot, dry August meant that grapes reached a very nice level of ripeness without stressing the vines; by August 25th, vérasion had practically finished. Harvest began September 10th with excellent conditions; the Indian summer continued until mid-October.

Vinification and aging were models of ease, in the good sense of the term. Things were not complicated. The wines were tasting well right away, from the beginning to the end of the aging period. Following this stage, the wines closed up a bit again, showing a more monolithic, more massive aspect. Beautiful wines, the 2009s are most certainly made for aging, essentially based on a solid structure.