Millesime 2015
A great classic of Pinot noir … Of Burgundy

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The vegetative campaign(countryside) globally took place without incident climatic major. The spring, is bright. The rare significant rains are erased ‘visually’ in a few days. Days are hot fresh nights, the conditions are favorable to a strong pressure of the powdery mildew but well the situation is mastered. The blooming takes place quickly around June 15th. However there is of the coulure. The wind, the hydric stress maybe influenced. The summer is very hot with a scorching episode over July. Consequences : previous strong slowing down of the véraison, the stage the maturation and the scalding, the facing south berries and in the East burn out ! The rains of the beginning of August are saving the maturation quickly engages. On September 4th the grape harvests take place in ideal conditions. If the quality is excellent the harvest is slim: cowardly clusters, fewer berries, smaller.

The balances ‘sugar/acid’ are almost perfect favored by a rather premature grape harvest. It is also the vintage wine which lent itself well to a consequent contribution of whole grape harvest, from 25 to 50 % according to vintages Very classic wine makings with a soft extraction.

In the end wines have a lot of material but without heaviness. There is some freshness, the volume, the tannic structure is elegant but very present, the very interesting potential of complexity. In the end we can hope for a very good potential of guard on this Burgundian great classic.