August 2021 Towards the ripening of the grapes….

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In the vineyard…

At the beginning of July, due to rainy spells separated by clear spells, vineyard work was difficult to organise and carry out.
The weather predictions are not very sure and it is complicated to plan the work that must be done.
In fact, with many hours spent in the vineyard, the vines are beginning to be correctly trained.
During the month, manual trimming is done at the rhythm of the growth.

With these rains, mildew and oïdium diseases are developing.

Most of the grapes are hanging under their weight and bunch closure is expected soon.

In mid-July, the rains continued and the mildew and oidium attacks increased to different degrees depending on the parcels; it is necessary to watch and protect very regularly.

The rainfall in the last few days of July was considerable, making it difficult to work the soil and helping the plants to grow at the base of the vines. Additional manual work is necessary to eliminate the bindweed.

As the end of the month approaches, the bunches are closed and rare red berries can be observed.

The risk of oidium and mildew diseases is high; these are developing and are observed on leaves and bunches.