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In the vineyard…


Weather conditions during the month were highly fluctuating and highly variable.
Summer days allowed flower development to progress.

Around 10 June, the earliest parcels were close to the start of flower formation and the average stage was mid-flowering.

However, with the drop in temperatures that followed this period, flowering was over rapidly in most parcels.
Flowering lasted around ten days this year.

Around 16 June, the vegetative stage was between late flowering and early fruit formation.

Around 22 June, the berries continued to grow and the average vegetative stage was 2-3 mm berries (pea size).

Since the start of the season, a very large range of stages has been observed within the same parcel. Flowering usually smoothes out these differences, but this year this does not seem to be the case.

As we approach the end of June, the weather conditions remain unchanged: stormy rain showers, then heat, then rain showers,…. a situation which continues to encourage the development of mildew.
But now, on the bunches, a “clean-up” is taking place with the disappearance of tobacco buds.
The rapid growth of berries is very positive.
But it also shows where losses are greatest.

Fruit drop is now clearly visible in areas that were watered during flowering.

Organisation of all the work in the vineyard is made complex by the conditions.

In the cellar…

Despite the priority given to outside work, the wines are continuing to mature and are still being monitored