April 2024 End of winter works

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In the vineyard…

The weather during the month was highly variable (temperatures, sunshine, rainfall,,,,).

At the end of March, the work of dismantling, pulling and removing the shoots and cleaning the canes is completed.
The parcels are planted according to the rhythm of the moon. Vineyards that are weak or, on the contrary, more vigorous are not plucked under the same lunar conditions.

The weeping of the vines is observed in the second half of March.

Before the Easter weekend, a preparation of horsetail was sprayed on a few plots. This preparation limits the appearance of mildew.

As soon as the weather allows, some parcels are ploughed by the horse.

As spring arrived, boarmies were observed. These are bud-eating bugs that attack the vines from the bud swelling stage until bud break.

At the cellar…

In mid-March, 2 days are dedicated to the last bottlings.