May 2024 Complex spring transition

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In the vineyard…

Working the soil is made complicated if not impossible with the conditions.
Cover crops are difficult to control.

The weather in April was highly variable. We saw all kinds of weather: cool, hot, rain, sun, wind….

The warm temperatures at the weekend in mid-April gave a strong boost to growth.
In a few days, the buds burst, revealing 2 to 3 new leaves or more.
A vintage which, at this stage, is one of the earliest.

Disbudding could begin, but a cold spell is forecast for the end of the month… so it’s best to wait and see.

Minimum temperatures are approaching 0°C / 1°C and there is a real risk of frost.

Rainfall during the month was variable, but over 8 days more than 100mm of rain was recorded.

To recap, temperatures in April ranged from 0°C to 28°C, with rainfall of up to 30mm on some days and wind gusts of up to 60km/h.

By the end of April, it was still possible to carry out the planting planned for this year.

Two plots at ‘Aux Ormes’ and one at ‘Rouge Champs’ have been replanted.

Tying of the baguettes is also being completed in this second part of the month.

In the cellar…

A few orders are being dispatched before the green harvest resumes.
The 2023 vintage is still being carefully monitored.