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January 22. : we celebrate St. Vincent (patron saint of winemakers). After the celebration of a mass, the vine growers of Vosne-Romanée share a few glasses around a convivial meal.

The saint leaves the domain Jean Grivot to join the domain Confuron-Gindre where he will spend the whole year 2018.

 At the vineyard …

From January 8th, when the moon is descending, the period is devoted mainly to the size and until 15.

At the change of the moon, it is the burning of branches that regains its rights despite a weather always disturbed.

As in all of France, our sector sees the rainfall increase from days to days.

An example: the bottom of the slopes of St Georges Nights 1er cru “Aux Cras” where the first vines have their feet in the water.

At the cellar ….

After the confectioners truce , it is January 5 that the Vosne Romanée 1er cru “Les Brûlées” are bottled.

As the end of January approaches, racking continues; Vosne Romanée 1er cru “the Suchots”.

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