April 2018 The vine wakes up gently

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At the vineyard …

March 1st: snowy day !!!

During this month of March, the weather conditions were very variable (temperatures, sunshine, rainfall ,,,,); very little sun and some days with heavy rain.

From March 5th begins the “plumage”. This is to spend a second time in the parcels to make the final pruning. Put the hooks and main fruit cane to the right length and remove all unnecessary and annoying branches.

Parcels were made according to the lunar rhythm. The weak or, conversely, more vigorous vines are not workeded at the same lunar condition.

That is why from March 16th can start the main fruit cane binding.

And the first tears vines are observed in the first half of March

As soon as the weather permits, some parcels are plowed by the horse

In this week before Easter, all conditions are met to spray a decoction of horsetail energized. 2 days before the full moon, moist soil, suitable temperature; ideal for pulverizing this anticryptogamic agent, acts, against the microscopic fungi, the mold, like preventive for the mildew by maintaining the infectious potential at the level of the ground, limiting and thus delaying the contamination of beginning of season.

Horsetail is a plant that serenely lives in a vegetative state in hydromorphic zones that are particularly resistant to cryptogam attack. It is these active ingredients that are extracted during the decoction. The revitalization will make it possible to multiply the information provided by these active principles.

In the cellar…

The bottling of “Vosne Romanée” is finished.

Then comes the time of the last rackings, on March 21st for Nuits St Georges and Echezeaux