August 2016 While waiting for the véraison

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In the vineyard….

At the end of July, certain plots of land were picked the leaves off to eliminate leaves being at the level of the clusters for several reasons. The thinning-out of leaves allows first of all a better sun exposure of fruits for the maturation, but also a decrease of the humidity around fruits, what limits the risks of diseases (botrytis and powdery mildew in particular). Finally, the harvest is so facilitated.

The manual rognage is now ended.

In the course of August, the green and hard berries that are grapes are transformed into more flexible juicy berries. The véraison marks the beginning of the process of maturation.

With the good weather conditions of moment, the last works of grounds were able to be made (interstocks, brushes and hearts). So, the vegetation on the ground (and particularly the bindweed) in summer eliminated at the most to avoid a rise in feet in the month and half which precedes the harvest. It is the final straight before seeing rewarded (or not) all the efforts supplied during this ‘ very ‘ long campaign.

In the cellar….

Bourgogne Passetoutgrains were taken away by eliminating unrefined dregs and by aerating moderately to limit the problems of reductions.

A light sulfitage was realized for a complement to protection (besides the dissolved natural carbon dioxide and besides the balance of wines).