March 2016 While waiting for the awakening of the vineyard

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In the vineyard …..
With the arrival of the spring, the vineyard is going to wake up and is going to follow itself the débourrement.
In the meantime, all the plots of land are checked to make the last checks of the sons and the pickets. The necessary repairs are made.
Baguettes can be attached from now on to the thread to maintain vine shoots: it is the beginning of the attachage ….
Buds are again little inflated altogether.
A period without rain allows the passage of enjambeurs and a griffage of the ground is realized.
At this end of March, the period is convenient for the biodynamie and in particular to spray the preparation “dung of horn” (500P).


In the cellar….
The last mass stakes were made on March 3rd and 4th (the rising, decreasing moon, the fruit).