July 2022 Weather in the extremes

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At the vineyard…

From mid-June the temperatures are summery and then extremely hot (15-20 June).
The berries quickly went from lead berries to small peas.
Closing of the bunches was not long in coming and some bunches began to hang.

From now on 2022 is one of the earliest vintages

With the weather and the exceptional temperatures (35°C-40°C), the growth does not stop and the stages progress very quickly.
However, the deficit of water is being felt !!!!

But this is without taking into account the climatic changes from one extreme to the other…
On a national level, from 20 June onwards, thunderstorms crossed the whole country, causing very serious damage to the various vineyards, but not only that.

It is first of all the south of Burgundy which is affected at the beginning of the week.
And… three rainy episodes (rain and hail) hit the coast:

* 21 June on the northern Côte de Nuits (Brochon, Fixin, Couchey).

* 22 June in the north of the Côte de Beaune, the Côte de Nuits and the Hautes-Côtes with strong differences (combes effect and stormy bands).
Torrential rain in the north Côte de Nuits, with an epicentre in Gevrey. In this commune, up to 83mm was recorded in 30 minutes. And large mudslides.

* June 23: southern sectors of Nuits-Saint-Georges, Gevrey, Fixin, Couchey and part of Marsannay.
The damage is very variable – berries affected up to more than 50%.

On this date, an average of 15mm was recorded in Côte de Beaune (only 5mm in the southern part), 23mm in Hautes-Côtes and 55mm in
Côte de Nuits.

* On 25 June, a new period brought very local hail.

Until 30 June, there was a succession of rains and the total amount of rainfall was very high.

With this rain, the berries swelled very quickly.

At the end of June, bunch closure was reached in all the parcels.
The next stage to observe is the beginning of veraison.