January 2016 The vintage cutting ends

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In the vineyard…

While the winter seems to be late made, we give the last knocks of clippers to finalize the size of this year.
Just before the fine of this one, takings of cuttings for the replantings of the autumn, 2016 were realized.
Old wood having been brought out then burned, hooks and baguettes selected to produce the future harvest are cleaned.
The foot is ready for the following works …… and a new campaign….
In parallel, a contribution of organic fertilizer (flour of feather) was made on all the plots of land for a good restart of the life of grounds and plant.

In the cellar…

The vintage wine 2014, followed and watched since almost 18 months is almost ready.
The last rackings one made with the aim of next bottlings (in the middle of April).