July 2023 Sustained rhythm

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In the vineyard…

No rain at the start of the month, then from mid-June onwards, stormy spells appeared with varying levels of rainfall from one area to another.
The wind was often present.

At the end of May and beginning of June, the development of shoots and leaves was impressive.
An intensive rhythm was established for this phase of green work.
Flowering begins and the bloom goes by very, very quickly.

In mid-June, once the flowering was over, the weather conditions combined to allow the bunches to form at a rapid rate.
From the “grain of lead” stage to the “small pea” stage, the berries grew very quickly.
Over the month of June, we will have gone from the start of flowering (around 5 June) to bunch closure (end of June).

Depending on the area, a few branches and/or berries may have been affected by hail or coulure.
coulure : A vegetative accident that occurs during flowering. The result is poor fertilisation, leading to flowers or developing berries falling off.

The rate of protection of the vineyard is also sustained. The vines have to be protected against mildew and powdery mildew.

When the weather permits, some soil work is carried out (by horse or mechanically).

In the cellar…

Even though the work in the vineyard is extensive, the wines in the cellar are always monitored during their ageing.