April 2017 Spring/act 1: folding of baguettes

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In the vineyard …

 On March 10th, the works of dismantling, wooden edition and cleaning of baguettes end.

March 2nd and 3rd, Contribution of organic fertilizer: beneficial for the awakening and the activity of the ground.

On March 9th, a second preparation of horsetail is sprayed on some plots of land. This preparation limits the appearance of the disease Mildew.

A contribution more targeted for certain plots of land and certain feet. It is necessary to adjust and to adapt according to needs (potassium hydroxide, nitrogen, transplants).

The folding can begin ; the baguette is folded in flat by rolling her two-three times around the thread to slow down the flow of sap and homogenize the shoot on the baguette. The grape will be spread well and there is not heap.

A more clement weather report allows a griffage of grounds. It is a superficial plowing intended to aerate the ground and to bury the nourishing elements.

With the arrival of the spring, boarmies is under surveillance. They are eat buds which attack the vineyard since the stage of the inflation of the bud up to the débourrement. Boarmies is present on old wood and vine shoots. Countings are made in certain plots of land; that this is made on 100 stocks by plot of land. The threshold of nuisibilité is 15 % (stocks with at least a eaten bud).

In the cellar…

At the middle of March, 2 days are dedicated to the last rackings. Wines at the end of breeding bring out barrels to be massively put.