May 2022 Spring awakening

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In the vineyard…

The temperatures in April are quite mild with notable differences between the morning and afternoon. This allowed the vegetation to develop in the second half of April.

Following the nights of frost and control at the beginning of April, no major damage was observed, but this remains to be verified in the weeks to come.

A heterogeneity of vegetative stages is observed between parcels but also within the same vineyard.
We can observe buds in the cotton and shoots with a few leaves spread.

Boarmy attack is still on the programme for spring 2022 and on some parcels, even with vegetation growth, very recent attacks and “fresh” damage are observed.

It is only at the end of the month, when vegetation development is well advanced, that the attacks become scarce and will end.

Before Easter (full Easter moon), between 11 and 14 April, a decoction of horsetail is sprayed. The objective is to limit diseases caused by mushrooms and to stimulate the biological activity of the soil.

The sticks are attached and by 22 April the whole plot is ready…. vegetation can grow.

We also observe the awakening of vegetation and fauna all around.


In the cellar…

The last appellations are bottled. Given the small quantities of vintages, some cuvées are bottled using a small 4-spout wine dispenser.