June 2017 Spring / act 2: Evasivage / disbudding

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In the vineyard…

It is May 2nd which the period of évasivage begins. The gélives periods seem from now on ruled out even if the Ice Saints (in May 11th, 12th and 13th) did not pass (According to the popular beliefs, saint – Mamert, saint – Pancrace and saint served) are implored by the farmers to avoid the effect on the plantations of a reduction in the temperature which observes in this period and which can bring a period of frost…

The évasivage (ébourgeonnage, elimination of buds and startups) consists, foot by foot, in managing in shape of the foot (and thus its sustainability) on one hand and the load ( the harvest) of the year. The age, the vigour of the foot, the respect for two opposed flows of saps, the aeration of the vegetation as well as the objectives of yields are elements taken into account to make a voucher évasivage.

The fresh weather report in this first about fifteen May “blocks”the shoot of the vineyard.

But with the rains which follow one another from May 11th and the returned sweetness, the vegetation does not delay developing.

In parallel, it is important not to neglect the possible diseases by making the first protections of the vineyard.

At the middle of May, we can see the first flowers on the “Americans” (branch which grows on the stock but at ground level).

Branches are quickly going to grow and it is necessary to put from now on branches in the threads, we make the first lifting at a minimal height to support the whole.

A wave of warmth settles down from May 20th and the vegetation takes advantage of it. It is necessary to master this shoot and to prevent branches from breaking themselves by maintaining them in the sons and by attaching them by means of rushes.

On May 23rd, a preparation of silica of horn (501) revitalized the 1 hour is sprayed in the face on the vegetation early in the morning. 501: preparation which addresses the air part of plants during their vegetative period, help to the structuring of the plant, the better development of sheets, favorites set up port.

And it is at the end of May when the flower appears …

In the cellar…

The breeding and the surveillance of barrels are continuous.