June 2022 Rapid growth

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In the vineyard…

Disbudding began on 5 May.

At the very beginning of the month, the temperatures are soft which allows the vegetation to start developing.
In 8 days, the leaves were already visible.
A storm accompanied by hail on 4 May affected the Gevrey Chambertin area.

Helped by the heat, this rhythm of growth does not slow down with new leaves in a few days.

At this stage we understand that everything is going to go very fast this season.

Indeed, the disbudding is not finished and the first raisings must be done.

All the work must be done at the same time.

By mid-May the growth is regular and homogeneous and the branches are already high and we can even see the very first flowers…

In the last third of the month, development is rapid and flowering progresses rapidly.

It should be noted that rainfall is rare but stormy systems are regularly announced. These bring more or less heavy rainfall depending on the sector of the hill.