August 2017 Last act: towards veraison and maturity

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At the vineyard…

The manual trimming (which avoids settlement related to the straddle passages) and allows a more detailed work continues throughout this month of July.

When the weather permits, ground work is carried out. We must limit the progression of the grasses and favor the aeration of the soil. Some plots are drawn manually to avoid the proliferation of the most invasive plant that is the bindweed.

Now the grapes are formed, that is the period of fruit set.

Various phenomena occur on the berries such as scalding due to direct exposure to the sun of the grape or other “mechanical injuries” related to the various work carried out. All this remains at very low levels and at this stage the vast majority of the clusters are healthy.

In mid-July, one can see the first bays that change color, it is the veraison, which marks the beginning of the process of maturation.

Around the 20th, a silica preparation is applied to the entire plot. It is a preparation that addresses the aerial part of plants during their vegetative period. It provides a luminous quality, alleviates disease trends and promotes the integration of the plant into its environment.

At the end of July, on a few plots and a few feet, a tiny green harvest is done. This makes it possible to promote maturity on over-loaded feet. If all the grapes are left, there is a good chance that the grapes will never mature (and therefore can not be harvested).

In the second half of July, it is time to devote itself to other diverse works such as cleaning of the futs or other maintenance of the premises (painting).

In the cellar …

Follow-up of the wines, shipments of some orders …