November 2017 In the heart of autumn

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At the vineyard…

In early October, the coast takes its autumn colors.

Now, we must think about the next campaign.

The dead feet must be torn off to be replaced very soon.

It is from October 3, where the weather is favorable, that the first uprooting and holes are made.

As of October 11, various composting contributions are made. The products and dosages are made according to the needs of the plant and adapted to each plot.

The leaves change color and fall one after the other. A period with sublime autumn landscapes.

And the vines slowly return to their state of rest (dormancy).

On the 23rd of October a preparatory day is organized. On the agenda, prepare the preparation “Maria Thun”.

And sorting of horns for the next preparations is made. Remove the most damaged and cut the least damaged horns.

At the cellar…

Now we must ensure the new 2017 vintage while monitoring on the 2016.