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In the vineyard…

The warm weather at the beginning of September accelerated the ripening process.

On the diseases side, at this same period, the absence of rain added to the wind slowed down the progression of botrytis present in many parcels. However, oidium continued its deterioration where it had already been present for several weeks.

As the weather predictions indicate new troubles as the harvest date approaches, we had to be vigilant and monitor the deterioration of the sanitary state of the bunches.

Finally, in view of all these elements, the first pruning was done on September 18th. And as predicted by the weather station, 2 days of rain.

A very selective sorting is done directly in the vineyard and takes a lot of time to keep only the healthiest of each grape.

The grapes sorted in the vineyard enter the vat house without further sorting and depending on the cuvée, the grapes are lightly destemmed or not.

Finally the blue sky will come back…. and the work of winemaking begins.