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In the vineyard…

In the domain, this year, it is September 24th when the kick-off of the grape harvests is given.

Fruits of future vintage wines 2016 are picked and sorted out in the vineyard. It is made, this year, in very good weather conditions; very little dew, very beautiful bright days, brightened up with almost summer temperatures.

The plots of land affected by the black frost give globally very few grapes in spite of the calm of August and September; the saved vineyards present they a beautiful maturity and well supplied clusters.

In the cuverie….

The grape, transported in boxes, is quickly brought to the cuverie, crossed some stages to finish in tanks.

Boxes are unloaded at first on the table of sorting to eliminate the last leaves, the dry grapes and other impurities.

The grape rises then on a giraffe to join the égrappoir. On one side grapes go to the tank and of the other one bring out the raids.

Little time it is thus sold between cutting of the grape and the removal of this one in the tank.