March 2017 Final act of the season “Winter”

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In the vineyard…

After a phase of dismantling (cut all which is not useful), when all the wood are pulled and burned, it’s time to go back again to clean baguettes and hooks.

The tracks of the disease “Mildew” which affected vineyards the last spring are still visible.

By place the wood is darkened and if we make a cup, we see that the passage of the sap is interrupted. But there is a side of traffic for the sap, buds will be doubtless fed.

Some works of ground are also made.

At this end of February, we notice at the level end of vine shoots tears. These tears are the first sign of the awakening of the vineyard at the end of the winter. We say while the vineyard cries. The vineyard is going to begin to draw some water and sends of the sap until the extremities of branches. It is the phenomenon of rehydration of buds.

In the cellar…

The breeding and the supervision of barrels is continuous.