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At the vineyard…

Ending tie: April 5

We can now observe the first buds; but also caterpillars eat buds: boarmies.

A rather mixed month of April with very changeable weather conditions with notable temperature differences.

The vegetation develops in early April buds are quickly in the cotton. But this remains heterogeneous and the shoot is slowed down as the temperature drops.

It is also in this first half of April that temperatures are very low or even negative for a few nights.

In the Côte de Nuits, it is in the night of April 14th that the frost threatens the most.


April 11: implementation of rak (sexual confusion)

The fight against the bunches of the bunch by sexual confusion consists of depositing synthetic pheromone diffusers in the vineyards to disrupt the sexual activity of the insects.

Sexual disruption is a biotechnical method of insecticide protection of the vine that aims to disrupt the sexual activity of the pests of the cluster and thus reduce populations. This technique, effective against eudemis and cochylis, is part of the integrated protection. It reduces the use of conventional insecticides.

Biodynamic preparations and sprays of the month

13/04: Spray of Valeriane

For spring frosts, the diluted and energized valerian preparation can be sprayed the evening before in fine drops when a jelly is provided, it saves a little on the point of frost.

The powdered valerian preparation regulates and alleviates the stress associated with these large differences in temperature.

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16 and 17/04: Horsetail spraying

The use of horsetail is effective in preventing fungal diseases that develop as a result of excessive humidity during the winter or spring season.

The decoction would have the capacity to stimulate the biological activity of the soil.
This spraying of horsetail in the period preceding the full Easter moon tends to delay the maturation of eggs and a limitation of late blight on bunches.

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17/04: days preparing to unearth horns under land since autumn.


17-18 / 04/19 and 30/04/19: Spraying horn dung (500)

This preparation is for the soil (structure) and roots of plants (general growth of the root system).

During this month and depending on the weather, are done plowing horse and scratching.


April 24 begins disbudding.