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In the vineyard…

This is the month of change for nature. The insects are seen again.

This winter the rains have been regular and the temperatures rather “mild” despite some very cold periods.

As spring passed, the buds in the vines did not move because of the still chilly nights.
But as the end of March approached with above normal temperatures, vegetation started to grow and some flowers, fruit trees and other small shrubs could be seen opening and flowering.

By 31 March, after a warm week, the bud stage in cotton is becoming more visible and some green tips can be seen on some transplants.

Unfortunately, a cold snap is forecast and a risk of frost is expected for the very first week of April. To be continued!!!

During this dry period, the plots can be slightly scratched.

The tying of the rods continues and ends just before bud swelling.

…In the vineyards….

In the cellar…

The 2020 vintage is still being followed during its élevage.