November 2019 Autumn colors

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In the vineyard …

In this current of October, the vineyard takes these fall colors.

Gilly’s parcel, as for it will be ripped off.

Disassembly of trellising and feet is started.

The 14 of October is the day of the preparations of the Horn Bunting (500):

The so-called ‘500’ horn dung is obtained by fermentation in the soil during the winter period, of good cow dung which has been introduced into cow horns.

On October 29th, the dung compost after Maria Thun is energized and spread in rather covered weather conditions.

This preparation is used for the soil. It brings to the soil the benefits of biodynamic compost preparations: the nutrients in the soil are organized in a balanced way and are better assimilated for plants. It is also an accelerator of the decomposition of fresh organic matter in the soil.


In anticipation of replacement of the dead feet, and when conditions permit, the first holes are made.


At the cellar …

The vines end at the beginning of October ……
….. follows suit starting October 8th