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At the vineyard …

In this first week of June, the weather is very favorable and the flower passes in good conditions.

The hoods fall and let the small logs appear; we are at the stage “grain of lead”.

It is at the rhythm of the shoot that the raising takes place. Protect the branches by placing them in the trellis as they grow.

The ranks are visually trained and it is from June 6th that the peeling begins.

Throughout this month of June, the raising, tying and fastening are carried out front to end around 26.

The trimming is done in parallel as a function of the shoot.

During this dry and warm month, we could observe a beautiful growth of the berries that went from the stage “grain of lead” to the stage “pea”! And now the grapes hang.

This beautiful weather allows the cluster to get rid of the last stamens clinging to the clusters.

Now comes the time to strike. This is a step that directly affects the quality of the grapes.

A few leaves are removed from the fruiting area (where there are clusters) to aerate the clusters and avoid rot if it comes to settle.

But be careful not to take too much because it is necessary to do that photosynthesis is done. The vines need leaves !

In the cellar …

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