September 2016 …. And the harvest

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In the vineyard…

At the middle of August, the last treatment targeted at the foliage (and not on the clusters) was made. The completeness of the domain was cut down last time.

No more work of ground is scheduled during this period.
The véraison of the grape continues and the maturity evolves variably according to the plots of land, helped by a very clement weather report in August. However, during a few days, the temperatures have very hot; consequence for the vineyard, some grapes were roasted. This phenomenon is called “Scalding”.

To perfect the maturity, in certain plots of land which had not been made in July, we remove sheets around the clusters to improve the aeration and the exhibition of the clusters; but also to facilitate the grape harvest by avoiding looking of hypothetical for clusters.

In the cellar…

The preparations of orders to be sent are linked before the preparation of the grape harvests planned at the end of September.