March 2019 Towards the end of the winter work

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In the vineyard …

It is early February that the disassembly phase ends.
It also follows the end of the draw and burning of the remaining shoots.

In this first week of February, we can notice a few mornings at negative temperatures.

Note however that the temperatures of the second part of February will be exceptionally hot. In the afternoon, temperatures of 15 ° will not be rare!

We can already observe some rare crying of the vine.

It is in mid-February that the second phase of size begins: the final size.
It is then a question of cleaning the selected sticks. They will be ready to be folded and tied.

A dynamization of horsetail is spread at the 15th of the month. This preparation is recommended before the full Easter moon; this is the first of a series of 3 sprays. This is to limit diseases caused by fungi and to stimulate the biological activity of soils.

This month is also an opportunity to start organic fertilizer application.

At the cellar …

The last rackings of the vintage are made the 12th of the month.
February 28 is bottled the appellation Vosne Romanée Cuvée “Précolombiere”.