October 2017 Epilogue: Harvest 2017

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In the vineyard …

It is September 4 that are given the first shots of secateurs.
This year the grape is beautiful and healthy. Sorting usually made in the vineyard is almost nonexistent.

The grape arrives in the winery …..

In the winery …

….. to begin the winemaking period.

Juices are tasted, analyzed.

The mustimeter is a densimeter used to assess the probable alcohol content of the wine. Is measured in reality the density of the must.

Slight pigeages are made.

It is from 19 September that the first vattings are made.

The grapes are pressed and here are the beginnings of the 2017 vintage.


The barrels are prepared (cleaned, steamed, washed, waxed, painted rings) to receive the wine in the best conditions.

In the cellar …

It is around September 22 begins the “barreling”.

Livestock can begin …