September 2018 While waiting for the harvest ….

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In the vineyard …

This summer, temperatures are high with even a canicular episode. The last trimming is done until mid-August. The grapes continue to ripen and at this stage there are disparities from one plot to another.

In the early hours of August 20 and 21 is sprayed a silica dynamization.

Just before harvesting, horn silica can give an impetus towards maturity, it allows a better harmony and enhances photosynthesis. 
It is also a question of polarity with the 500.

During the last half of August, berries of grapes are taken, tasted, analyzed to determine the stage of maturity 
and define more precisely a date of beginning of harvest.

The end of August is also dedicated to the preparation of the grape harvest which will begin at the beginning of September 
as preparing, cleaning the whole of the vat room and equipment.