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Sunrise at the beginning of the day

In the vineyard…

The harvest began on 6 September.

One parcel was picked as an emergency on 4 September due to its deteriorating state.

The harvest week was exceptionally hot for the period, and harvesting times were adjusted to avoid the hottest hours for the harvesters and to ensure that the grapes did not reach the winery too hot.

The vineyard was generous in terms of quantity and the grapes were sometimes very sizeable.

Maturity was varied and there were a number of problems : acetic pitting, burnt fruit, immature grapes and wilted grapes.

The grapes were carefully sorted to eliminate those most affected.

End of harvest on 12 September.

The vatting house is in full swing as the harvest progresses.

Devatting follows, then meticulous preparation of the barrels that will receive this 2023 vintage.


In the cellar…

Last week of September, the entonnage begins at the pace of each cuvée ready.

2023, the vinifications are complex and you have to pay close attention to each cuvée.