February 2016 The winter works continue

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In the vineyard…

With a rather soft but wet winter, the size comes to an end slowly.
The cut maintaining vine shoot, it’s time to remove him(it) from rows(ranks) …
” It’s time to pull(fire) wood ” and to burn them. The big plots of land went out to back and the smaller surfaces are it in the wheelbarrow

In the cellar …

The follow-up of wines continues.
The first vintages which are “ready” for some, are bottlings. The ” Vosne Romanée ” villages were massively put.
Concerning the vintage wine 2015, all Malo is finished (rare event!!!).

And the party…

Of our St boss : SAINT VINCENT
Traditionally, it is of custom in Burgundy, on January 22nd to celebrate the Patron saint of the Wine growers.
This day there, a mass is celebrated and a meal is organized. What places this day under the sign of the user conviviality and some exchange.
This year, the Domain Richard Manière welcomes the saint.