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In the vineyard…

At the beginning of September, temperatures drop to seasonal levels before peaking again in mid-September.

The first half of September is dedicated to berry sampling to monitor the evolution of grape maturity.


But it is also the period of preparation for the harvest.

All the necessary equipment in the vat room and in the vineyard is reviewed, prepared and washed.

The harvest began on September 14 and ended on September 19. The sun will be there with even peaks above 30°C on the weekend of the 15th.

This year, it is with the grapes that have dried and the one that has withered that we must compose and the sorting in the vineyard must be careful.

The grape is also millerandé (mixes small and large berries on the same grape).



In the winery…

During the harvest period and as the harvest begins, the vats are monitored and controlled regularly.

It is from September 25 that the first devatting takes place. Some vintages are made in concrete vats and others in wooden vats.