June 2023 Growth….and raising

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In the vineyard…

“”In May do what you please” but at the very beginning of May 2023 it could be “…do what you can”.

The weather at the start of the campaign is very complicated. The first two weeks of May brought showers, which intensified disease pressure and made it difficult to protect the vines.

The night and morning temperatures were cool and vegetation developed slowly.

From the third week of the month, conditions improved (more light, more heat, less humidity).

The disease pressure fell, and soil management and protection became a little less complicated.

However, there has been a strong northerly wind every day for several weeks, forcing us to alternate the end of debudding and the start of lifting.


At the cellar…

A few wines are leaving the cellar before temperatures rise again.
The ageing of the 2022s continues.