May 2017 Bottling

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At the vineyard …

It is at the beginning of April that the folding of the chopsticks ends. At the same time, the last contributions of magnesium and compost are made.

The repairs of all the plots of land are made. Among others, it is necessary to change certain pickets, threads to maintain the palissage.

The work of plowing continues while the weather report allows it. In addition, the plots of land are manually dug up to clear transplants and remove what the mechanical tools cannot reach.

The weather report which moreover is very soft and grown the vegetation quickly.

But the month end where the temperatures fall and make be again afraid of an episode of frost. To note moreover that several vineyards of France are affected (Mâconnais, Alsace, Jura…).

On a big part of the wine-making coast, diverse solutions are used to fight against the frost, in particular the singeing of bales of straw on Vosne Romanée in the morning of April 29th. The purpose being to create a cloud of smoke which will make screen between the vineyard and the sun for the day sunrise.

April 19th, day prepared is organized in country Nuiton. It is a question of emptying the horns which were buried in last autumn.

A preparation of silica is also made.

In the cellar …

Wines put massively previously are very slightly filtered to limit the turbidity.

And it is from 10 till 13 April when wines are bottled.